What’s My Role?: Father of the Bride | The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

By Yellowsprings on August 11, 2015

You gave your blessing… now what?

Create a Budget

If you are planning on contributing to the wedding costs, come up with a budget right away, so that your daughter and her fiancé know what they are working with.

Alexa Nahas Photography

Alexa Nahas Photography


You might be expected to make a toast at the rehearsal dinner (a quick thank you and congratulations will suffice), and again at the reception. Be sure to make mention of the groom, and offer your congratulations again, and thank guests for traveling to the celebration.


Be prepared to dance with your daughter at the reception. Check with your daughter if she is planning on doing this, as some couples are opting out of this tradition because they do not like the attention. If it is important to you, and she doesn’t want to do it, ask if perhaps you could dance to part of a song, and then have a DJ invite all of the fathers and daughters onto the dance floor.

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