What’s My Role?: Best Man Edition

By Yellowsprings on July 13, 2015

Have you recently been appointed “Best Man”? Not sure what exactly that job entails? Here’s the cheat sheet you’ve been looking for.

Ali and Mike's wedding by Maria Mack Photography ©2015

Maria Mack Photography


Get Organized

     As Best Man, it is your job to step up to the plate and help out your best friend (aka Groom) with planning and staying on track, as well as your fellow groomsmen. Make sure the guys are getting their rentals on time, scheduling their alterations, know the plan for the day-of, and have transportation coordinated.

Bachelor Party Planning

Sure, it’s a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. Make sure that you are throwing your pal a party that he will enjoy. If he’s shy and reserved, now is not the time to get boisterous, or put him in an uncomfortable situation. It might be worth your while to ask him if he has any ideas already, and if there is anything that he is not OK with.


Yes, you’ll need to make a speech, or in wedding terms, a toast. People expect the toast from the Best Man to be heartfelt, but also look forward to an appropriate (cannot stress this enough) silly story about the two of you, or a little background about your friendship. Make sure to mention the Bride in this too.

*Make sure to write this down, or if you don’t have the best handwriting, type it and print it out. No whipping out your cell phone and reading from it.


     Unless you offer, you shouldn’t be expected to personally pay for the gratuity or payment of anything other than what the Groom asks (tux, bachelor party, etc.); however, you should offer to distribute any tips or owed payments to vendors the day-of.

     Ask the Bride and Groom to put any tips/payments in labeled envelopes, and then pass them out to vendors throughout the night.

End of Night Coordination

Know ahead of time whose car is taking extra food, gifts, etc. home, and help the vendors get it there. If the couple is staying in a hotel, talk to their parents about bringing food home instead. If there is any decor that the couple provided, it’ll need to go home with someone as well.








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