Breaking Down Beauty | The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

By Yellowsprings on July 6, 2015

How long does it really take to get ready the day-of? How much time do we need? Should we do everything at the venue, or come made up already?

These are common questions that we hear from brides at The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs, and I’m sure the same questions are heard at many other venues.

Credit: Fuller Photography

Credit: Fuller Photography

Here is a realistic timeline of what to expect when you are getting ready on the big day:

The Bride

It’s your big day, and so you (should be) receiving the most attention. You should expect your hair and makeup to take at least 45 minutes, and then getting dressed takes about 30 minutes.

The Bridesmaids

Your girls get a little extra attention today too, but their makeup normally only takes 20-30 minutes each. They also are able to get dressed much faster- about 15 minutes.

The Groom/Groomsmen

30 minutes max.

*I suggest making sure that your venue has whatever room you are getting ready in air conditioned- traditionally men are wearing more layers than the women, who are usually in dresses, and so they get a little warmer.  You don’t want to be uncomfortable.

The Gameplan

At The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs, we give our brides three hours of prep time prior to their on-site ceremony start time. Assuming you are a bride of our venue, or have a similar timeframe, here is what we suggest…

1. Arrive at your venue about twenty minutes ahead of time. 

It’s always good to be ahead of schedule, especially on a day where vendors really try to stick to one.

2. Have the men arrive before the women. 

For scheduling purposes, sometimes it really works out well to have the guys arrive first, get dressed and get pictures taken, and then they get to relax while the ladies are getting ready. This offers up the option to do first look photos if you’d like, or to have the groomsmen act as ushers prior to the ceremony.

3. Get hair and makeup done at a hotel or home, and get dressed at the venue. 

This is often what I suggest to brides of The Washington; you have the flexibility to get your hair and makeup done on your own time, and then have less rushing around to do once you’re on-site.

4. Have your bridesmaids get dressed first. 

I’ll often recommend that you have your girls get ready before you. First, it allows them help each other out while you take a minute to relax, or get some pictures taken, and second, they can then help you get into your dress and veil.

5. Consider your photography schedule. 

Are you doing first looks, or are you waiting until cocktail hour to get all of your pictures done? You’ll want to give yourself at least one hour for this.

Follow these steps, and you’ll look flawless without breaking a sweat!


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