What’s My Role?: Bridesmaid Edition | The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

By Yellowsprings on June 29, 2015

Maria Mack Photography

Maria Mack Photography

 Congratulations! If your good friend just asked you to be in  her   bridal party, it’s an honor… out of everyone she knows,  she chose  you. Now what?

 Help Maid of Honor

While the Maid of Honor is going to be taking the lead, she   might be overwhelmed- let her know that you’re willing to help out, and if she needs you to take charge of any small tasks, that you are more than happy to. Maybe it’s coming up with activities at the Bridal Shower, finding a location for the Bachelorette, or confirming appointments with the rest of the ladies, every little bit helps.

 Dance First

If people are not getting up and on the dance floor, be the ones that start the party.

 Help Bride

Does she need help DIY’ing any decor? Need a date to a vendor meeting? Be there for the Bride when she needs an extra hand, and help take some of the planning stress off of her back.

Clean Up Crew

On the day-of, make sure that you are helping to gather anything at the end of the night that needs to go home with someone. Help send centerpieces home with guests at the end of the night, put cards/gifts into a locked car/send home with Best Man, etc. Do a quick sweep of whatever space you got ready in to make sure nothing is left behind.


Questions about Bridesmaid etiquette? Feel free to reach out to our Venue Manager, Alexandria Proko,

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