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By Yellowsprings on June 11, 2015

Wayne Family Wellness

     It’s no surprise that brides and grooms seek out methods of relaxation while planning their wedding, as it is often incredibly stressful. One such method to turn to is holistic medicine and acupuncture. I was very excited to have the opportunity to ask Lance, of Wayne Family Wellness, about how he got his start, and what couples of The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs can do at home to ease some of your own stress and worry.

How did you get your start in holistic medicine & acupuncture?

“This may sound a little strange, but even as a little boy I was fascinated by Medicine Men and witch doctors. I always wanted to help people feel better and magically make their pain disappear. In college, while getting my degree in cultural anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh, I had an opportunity to study meditation and various forms of energetic healing. Now, I was and still am a big skeptic, but I have a very open mind and will try anything once. Well, this energy healing work totally blew me away and I started to teach it when I was 18 years old. A few years later my mom had sprained her ankle and found relief from an acupuncturist! She invited me to meet him. We talked for over an hour and I was just fascinated by his Taoist perspective and the 5 element theory. Eventually he said, ‘You are asking so many questions! Go check out this acupuncture school in Maryland!”. The school was called The Traditional Acupuncture Institute- it has since evolved into The Maryland University of Integrative Health. I went and immediately fell in LOVE! With absolutely no interest in sticking people with needles, I started the 3 year Masters of Acupuncture degree program compelled by the philosophy and thought it would apply to my healing work. Once I began receiving my own acupuncture treatments I was again blown away. I have been in practice for about 15 years and am still consistently amazed by the power of this medicine”. 

What exactly does acupuncture do the for the body, and how would it benefit our brides?

“I just read this quote from Oprah, and it really resonated with me: ‘No experience is ever wasted. Everything has meaning. Be more splendid. Be more extraordinary. Use every moment to fill yourself up.’. 

I know that the wedding planning experience can be overwhelming with the desire for perfection in every detail, but if you embrace the notion that ‘no experience is ever wasted’, then there’s really nothing that can go ‘wrong’. The most common reason brides (& grooms) typically come in to see me is for help with stress and feelings of overwhelm that often accompany preparation for the big day. Other reasons may include wanting to be in the best physical shape, mental shape, and to feel centered and calm. Believe it or not, acupuncture can also help make us feel more beautiful by creating more circulation in the face, bringing color to the cheeks and a sparkle to the eye. Who doesn’t want that on their wedding day?

The work I do in the treatment room is about helping my patients come to life more fully and living the most extraordinary lives possible. My patients come in with all sorts of upsets. The common ones are physical pain, emotional pain, mental fatigue, overwhelm, stress, and just not feeling like themselves. The miracle of acupuncture is that it helps with everything. The reason is that I understand my patients’ symptoms as signals of a deeper imbalance and I use acupuncture to correct that imbalance. Once corrected, the body can heal itself more quickly and easily and this in turn helps to take away the symptom.”.

Do you have any advice, or relaxation techniques brides and grooms can try at home?

“Yes I do! It may seem simple, but the first step is to just be still. When I need to relax, I just do nothing and the best way to do nothing for a prolonged period of time is to meditate! If anyone is interested, I am happy to share a complimentary copy of my 5-minute guided meditation for body relaxation, and please use the coupon code: ‘thewashington’. If you’re someone who needs to get out of your routine, go for a walk in the woods. Nature bathing will bring relaxation deep into the bones and makes everything in life smoother. 

Other advice would just be simple ideas like deep breathing, nourishing yourself with good food, staying hydrated, and most important of all, being nice to yourself and ignoring any negative self-talk!

Thank you Lance for your wonderful insight!

Lance of Wayne Family Wellness

Lance of Wayne Family Wellness

If you’re interested in reaching out to Lance, please feel free to call him at (610) 203-3747, or email him at .

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