Lauren & Steve| The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

Lauren & Steve

By Yellowsprings on May 5, 2015


Credit: Weston Neuschafer of Arroyo Grande, CA

Lauren & Steve


I’m very excited to feature one of our May 2015 couples who will be tying the knot this coming weekend at The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs… introducing, Lauren and Steve. So how did these lovebirds meet? Through Steve’s cousin! Lauren was attending college with his cousin, and told him that she wanted to move out to California to start a career in the solar industry. His cousin set the two up on a phone call, as Steve was already doing just that, he helped Lauren get a job at his company, and the rest is history!

Steve, how did you know that Lauren was “The One”?

“When I got her lost in the woods at Sequoia National Park, and instead of freaking out, we had a great adventure and Lauren just went with it”. 

Lauren, how did you know that Steve was “The One”?

“For me, it wasn’t one moment, it was getting to know who he is. A combination of seeing him at work running an office even at a young age with an entry level position mixed with having the time of our lives on outdoor trips white water rafting, hiking, camping, etc.”. 

Where are you honeymooning?

“Costa Rica on an adventure tour”. 

Looking forward to working with these two this weekend… congratulations 🙂

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