Jessica & Jason | The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

Jessica & Jason

By Yellowsprings on June 15, 2015

Jessica & Jason | The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

Jessica & Jason | The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

Jessica & Jason

June 20, 2015

Today, we are featuring one of our couples, Jess and Jason, who will wed at The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs on June 20, 2015. Two of the friendliest people you will meet, Jess and Jason were willing to share their story with me for our blog!

How did the two of you meet?

“Jason and I were in similar majors and participated in the same extracurricular activities for all four years of college, and we regularly studied together for a chemistry class, so we became friends through those shared experiences! Just before graduating from Lehigh we started spending more time together and our friendship blossomed into a relationship. We decided to continue dating despite the distance and uncertainty that came with post-grad life, and we’ve been happily together ever since!”. 

How did you know Jason was “The One”?

“I had a feeling Jason was ‘the one’ when we started dating, but the culmination of a lot of little moments solidified that feeling for me. I finally realized it when we took a trip to Harper’s Ferry, WV in May 2013. We talked a lot about our life goals on the drive and had so much fun hiking and exploring the area, and I felt I could do anything with him for the rest of our lives and have just as much fun”. 

How did you know Jess was “The One”?

“I knew that Jess was ‘the one’ on a day trip to Rehoboth Beach in June of 2013. We planned out a long fun day of driving to the beach early in the morning and spending the whole day relaxing on the beach. It was still a bit cool to spend a whole day at the beach so we went to the outlets to go shopping. I am always reluctant to go to any sort of shopping, but I knew it would make her happy so I went without making a fuss. After a long day of dealing with crowds I was starting to feel worn out when she suggested we try out a neat restaurant that had homemade spirits. She knew it was the sort of thing I would enjoy. It was at dinner that I realized how much we enjoyed going on fun little adventures together, and each wanted to do whatever we could to make the other happy. I knew then that I wanted to spend my life going on trips and doing whatever I could to make her happy, including shopping excursions”.


“We are honeymooning at a resort in Riveria Maya, Mexico!”. 

Congratulations Jess & Jason!

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