Emergency Bag | The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

By Yellowsprings on June 25, 2015

What do you really need in your purse/bridal suite emergency kit the day-of?

Safety Pins Just trust us on this one. Someone, somewhere, will need one.

Tissues Mom is going to cry. Your aunt is going to cry. If you are getting married at The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs, your Venue Manager will definitely tear up.

Snacks Don’t let nerves get the best of you, you need to eat (& drink!)! You might not get to eat much of your dinner (sorry) because guests are going to come up to you, or you might have to go up to them, so make sure to fill up a bit before the ceremony. Avoid getting hangry.

Extra Bobby Pins I know it feels like you couldn’t possibly fit any more in your hair, but I bet you can, and you might need to.

Breath Mints You want your first married kiss to be fresh, plus you’ll be talking to a lot of people all night long.

Cell Phone Have it around, but not on you. This is a Maid of Honor responsibility.

Heel Covers These are essential if you are having an outdoor wedding, or even if you are planning on taking a lot of photographs outside.

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