Caterer Feature: Serock Catering | The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

John Serock Catering featured on The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs' blog.

By Yellowsprings on May 18, 2015

John Serock Catering | The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

John Serock Catering | The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

Today, we are featuring another one of our fabulous preferred caterers that we use at The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs. Cassidy Carre, a team member with John Serock Catering (she was married in our venue a few years ago!), sat down to ask the chef, and owner of the esteemed catering company, John, a few questions.

What inspires your menus?

“When developing menu’s we want to make sure there is balance that will appeal to the wide ranging demographics of wedding guests. Cocktail hour is the time where we can get adventurous by incorporating foods that have special significance to the couple, while balancing it out with items that will appeal to older guests. For example, the bride and groom had their first date at a Latin restaurant, we may pass mojito’s and a Scallop & Blood Orange Ceviche. As for the main course, we try to take classic dishes and put our ‘stamp’ on it. Braised Beef Short Rib is really popular right now, it appeals to young and old guests and the richness is perfectly balanced with our silky cauliflowers puree, which is a great low-carb and gluten-free accompaniment”. 

Assorted Appetizers | John Serock Catering

Assorted Appetizers | John Serock Catering

Do you have a ‘signature’?

“For appetizers, I would have to say our savory crab and artichoke cone with roasted corn and entrees, our Braised Short Rib with Cauliflower Puree and Roasted Asparagus”. 

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

“Parent dances! We spend months (sometimes years) working with couples and getting to know them and their families. The day is filled with so much emotion, there is a lot going on, and most of it goes by in a flash (for the couples and us as caterers. Although that first dance for the bride and groom is special, I feel like it becomes a blur for the couple, because they have just been bombarded with cocktail hour and greeting guests and taking pictures. Then they are introduced to an upbeat song with a crazy entrance, and slow down for a two-minute dance, they don’t have time to take it in. Because the parent dances are traditionally done after dinner, everyone is relaxed, everyone has just had an amazing meal, and you see the raw emotion settling in between the parents and their children as they dance together. It’s a moment that Dad’s think about from the day their daughter is born. Sure, walking them down the aisle is a tear-jerker, but this is the point of the wedding where they realize that although she is still Daddy’s Little Girl, she now has another man to look after her”. 

Wedding guests enjoying a delicious meal | John Serock Catering

Wedding guests enjoying a delicious meal | John Serock Catering

Any advice for those who are planning?

“Breathe! I often joke with brides when they tell me they have so much work to do for the wedding. I ask them ‘do you have to set the tables, cook the food, arrange the flowers…’? You are paying good money for professionals to take care of the details of your day, wedding planning should be fun. Yes, it’s stressful, trying to keep budgets in line, getting invitations out, choosing your song list, but do not be afraid to ask for help. Invite your bridesmaids over, get a couple of bottles of wine, play some music and address invitations. Write down the songs you all sing along to, you just made your list! Keep to the timelines set up by your caterer, and everything will fall into place”. 


If you are interested in speaking with Cassidy, or another member of the Serock Catering team, please check out their website, .

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