Caterer Feature: Jimmy Duffy’s Catering | The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs

Caterer Feature: Jimmy Duffy's

By Yellowsprings on April 28, 2015


Today we’re taking the time to spotlight one of our preferred caterers here at The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs, Jimmy Duffy’s! At Jimmy Duffy’s, timeless classics blend with modern flair to create fabulous memories. They address their clients’ individual needs with the same level of excellence that has defined their business for three generations.

Jimmy Duffy’s handles high-profile corporate events to formal weddings and casual cocktail parties, every event benefits from their legendary cuisine, exceptional service, and comprehensive event management. Their expert team will design and orchestrate the perfect event with a unique style that recalls the dignity of their history and invokes the tastes of today.

Alexandria Proko, our Venue Manager for The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs, got in touch with Sarah Blackwell, Duffy’s Sales Executive & Event Specialist for this Q&A.

Steak Salmon Chevron

Duet of Tenderloin Beef & Salmon, w/Potato, Asparagus & Bacon Hash|Jimmy Duffy’s Catering

1. During a wedding, what is your favorite part of the event?

“There are two parts that I consider to be my favorites. My first is seeing the room all set before the guests and bride, I always try to take a moment and enjoy the hard work my team and myself have done that. My second favorite part is watching the couples interact with one another, and just enjoying the love that they share for each other”.

2. Does Duffy have a ‘signature’, or favorite?

My personal favorite is our Jimmy Duffy Oreo’s, but I think the crowd pleaser is our Cheese Steak Spring Rolls or the Honey, Pear, Brie & Pecan Bruschetta. The list goes on, but the majority of our clients gush over those two”.

Tuna Server2

Ginger Tuna on a Rice Cracker w/ Wasabi Aioli | Jimmy Duffy’s Catering


3. Best advice for those who are planning their wedding?

“Enjoy every minute you can during the planning process. It all goes by so quickly, so make sure you take the time to relax and savor the work you are putting into your dream day”. 

4. Is there a moment that stood out during an event? Funny story?

“One funny situation that will always stick out in my head was during a wedding about two years ago. We were doing a tent wedding for four hundred people, and that day in particular we had about four other large tent weddings. Needless to say, the weather Gods did not seem to care about it we got wet or cold, which led to the ground turning into a slip and slide during dinner service. As the night progressed, so did the rain; the ground was so wet that the staffs’ shoes were getting stuck in the mud every time they walked in and out of the kitchen tent. At one point I lost my shoe in the mud and had to stop to dig it out. After a while, we were able to spare a few six foot tables, and were able to lie them down on the ground to use as a makeshift bridge. Even though I was frozen and covered in mud, that wedding was breathtaking and will be one that I will never forget”. 


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